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The Louisiana Association of Wholesalers (LAW) was formed in 1941 by a handful of Louisiana men in the business of wholesaling. LAW is now an association built of some of the most successful and powerful wholesaling companies throughout Louisiana.


Mark your calendar for LAW's 20223 Annual Conference, scheduled for May 10-11 in Baton Rouge at the Hilton Capitol Center. More details to come, so keep an eye on your inbox! Be sure to follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on all things LAW.


What: LAW's 2023 Annual Conference

When: May 10-11, 2023

Where: Hilton Capitol Center, downtown Baton Rouge, LA


The Louisiana Association of Wholesalers is a full service, professional trade association dedicated to serving the needs of the Wholesaler Industry throughout the state of Louisiana.

The Louisiana Association of Wholesaler's primary mission is advocating on behalf of member and associate member companies in the legislative, regulatory, legal and public arenas. 


- Cooperate and maintain good relations with all governmental, state, and municipal agencies

- Provide our membership with valuable resources to legislators, policy makers, and the public on issues pertinent to LAW

- Promote the industry as an entity

- Broaden the networking opportunities for wholesalers, manufacturers, and retailers

- Provide services and use the collective strength of our membership to accomplish goals

- Provide unity, excellence, commitment, and opportunity for Louisiana Wholesalers and associate members to perpetuate the fairness and credibility of this industry

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